How to Hire a Taxi

July 18th, 2016


Many are the times we find ourselves caught up in with time due to some slight issues here and there. At this time, we may find it necessary to hire a taxi service in Melbourne so as to arrive at our destination on time. It is at this time we also risk the most due to the time factor. This is because time limits us to take our time when considering necessary factors, so as to ensure we hire a reliable taxi. You should note that when hiring a taxi, you are exposing yourself and your luggage to risks associated with roads. Here are some of the instructions that you may want to consider when in such a situation.

If you are living within a busy city, taxis are always in plenty. Walk down by the roadside and face the direction from which the traffic is coming from. When facing that side, observe all the vehicles found in the traffic. This will make you spot a coming taxi with a lot of ease. When you see a taxi, you should then look on its roof to establish whether it is available or not. If the light on the roof is on, it means that the taxi is available. Likewise, if the light is off, it means that the taxi is not available.

If the light of the taxi is on, weave your hand to the taxi and maintain eye contact with the driver. If you feel like the driver hasn’t noticed you, you can shout “Taxi!!!” in order to get the attention from the taxi driver.

However, if the above steps do not apply in your area, it is advisable for you to walk to various booths written taxi. Such booths are found near stations, hotels, airports or any tourist destination site. If the cab hire parking is empty, you may want to consider seeking advice from the neighborhood. This plays an important role in saving both your time and resources.

After getting into one of the yellow cabs, you must instruct the driver your destination. You must also advice on the best route that may be followed. Confirming your destination is very important. This is because there are some companies which tend to regulate their drivers within the city due to their own reasons. There are also those that tend to monitor their drivers’ activities by limiting the time spent on each trip made by a taxi.

After confirming your destination, you should now ask for the price and the payment method. If the price is negotiable, you should convince the cab driver to charge you the usual fare that you are used to. It is also important for you to confirm the payment method. This is because different companies use different payment methods such as credit cards and cash among other payment methods.

There are some things you MUST know before hiring a taxi. The first point is the fare charged. You should calculate your fare using the Taximeter to estimate the total cost. The destination and the exact address must be known to both the driver and the passenger. Always keep your luggage and ensure that you have everything immediately after arriving at your destination.